Les Aventures de President Bongo


Stephan Stephensen (b.1971) aka Gluteus Maximus aka ADSR aka President Bongo aka President Penis wears many hats, but likes to refer to himself as ‘an emotional carpenter’. And the name is fitting: throughout his illustrious career, Bongo has built, tooled, shaped and reconstructed reality in a manner that has touched upon the emotional spheres of thousands, greatly increasing their quality of life and inner harmony in the process.


1995 - 2016: 

President Bongo began properly mastering his craft as a founding member of the pioneering electronic band GusGus, which has steadily gone from strength to strength since forming in 1995.

As GusGus, Gluteus Maximus and ADSR have evolved and progressed through the years Bongo remains a key element, making innumerable contributions through his work, which has ranged from design, film & photography to singing, songwriting, and production.

In spring 2015, however, President Bongo leaves GusGus after 20 years of loyal service to become his own master's voice and in october, same year, we experience the birth of his first solo album; Serengeti, relased via AlbumLabel, Berlin, Germany.



Les Aventures de President Bongo is a serie of 24 limited vinyl releases. Here we will experience different sides of President Bongo wrapped up real nice in Paul McMenamin's amazing artwork & design. The serie will be sold individually in the course of these 7 years but also as a HOT HANDMADE BOX SET signed & limited to 24 copies. Only then this adventure will be complete.  

Collectors item!

Released on Radio Bongo

Distributed by Kompakt


Stephan Stephensen CV


1988 - 1992  Commercial College of Iceland.

1992 - 1995  Icart Photo - BA degree of Photography.



1995 - GUSGUS "POLYDISTORTION" - visual artist/photographer 

1999 - GUSGUS "THIS IS NORMAL" - co-producer 

2000 - GUSGUS "GUSGUS VS T-WORLD" - selector, editing advisor 

2002 - GUSGUS "ATTENTION" - songwriter, singer, producer

2006 - PETTER & THE PIX "EASILY TRICKED" - producer.  

2007 - GUSGUS "FOREVER" - songwriter, singer, producer

2009 - GUSGSU “24/7” - songwriter, producer

2011 - GUSGUS “ARABIAN HORSE” - songwriter, singer, producer

2013 - GUSGUS “MEXICO” - co-producer

2015 - PRESIDENT BONGO “SERENGETI - producer / songwriter / art director / photographer

2018 - HÖGNI "SHED YOUR SKIN" - - producer / songwriter / art director / photographer

2018 - TILBURY "TRANSMISSION/DRAMA" - producer / art director / photographer

2019 - PRESIDENT BONGO & ÓTTAR SÆMUNDSEN "QUADRANTES" - - producer / songwriter / art director / photographer

2019 - BJARNI FRÍMANN BJARNASON “CHATEAU” - producer / art director / photographer


DJ + Live Shows:

Noumerous remixes amongst which are Khan of Finland, Depeche ModeBjörkGhostigitalSupermaxCaptain ComatoseRoisin Murphy, Superpitcher, Fufanu ... and many more.

Numerous worldwide live performances with GusGus, Högni, Tilbury, Sonic Deception and as President Bongo (live & dj).


Selected Solo Photography Exhibitions:

1994 - "CHEZ TONIO # 1"  at Gallerie Syndicate Initiative, Nanterre Ville. 35mm neg, b/w prints. Documentary about the regulars coming to the bar "Chez Tonio" in Nanterre, Paris

1996 - "CHEZ TONIO # 2" at Gallery Solon Islandus, Reykjavik, 35mm neg,  b/w prints. 35mm neg, b/w prints. Continuing the documentary about the regulars in the bar "Chez Tonio" in Nanterre, Paris.

1999 - "POLY PICTURES" at Gallery Colette, Paris.  Super 8mm diapositive,  colorprints. Stills from "Polyesterday the movie" printed from the 8mm film diapositive.

"KALT MAT" at Gallery Saevar Karl, Reykjavik. 35mm neg., colorprints.  Study of hand behaviour through photographs of people showing off their bellies.

2004 - "ATTENTION" at Auga fyrir Auga, Reykjavik. 6x4.5cm neg., colorprints and videos.  Photographs and videos in collaboration with Paul Mcmenamin for the "Attention" project with GusGus.

"MAGIC FINGERS" at Gallery Gel, Reykjavik. 35mm neg., colorprints. Photograph of paintings of African hairstyles. Project done in Gabon, Africa.

"AIR CONDITION" at SAFN, Reykjavik 2005, Digital Photographs, 65x100cm Colorprints. Photographs from the Hvalfjardargong, the tunnel through the Fjord of Whales.

2006 - "IF IT'S TOO LOUD, YOU'RE TOO OLD!" - SEQUENSES 2006 at bar Sirkus, Reykjavik 2006.  Installation, neon A0 posters and sound.  The entire floor of Sirkus levitated by 24cm. Bassdrum of 119bpm contantly pumping for 2 hours.  Posters of Arp 2600. 

2015 - “MÚSIK & SPORT”  at Mokka.  Pictures praising weight lifting and music.

2018-2019 (december - january) - “Grænlandsveikin” (Greenland Sickness) at N/A Veggurinn at Farmers Market. 60x75cm photograph from Scoresby Sund in Greenland.


Selected Group Exhibitons:

1999 - "JOHN TRAVOLTA" - NOT JUST FOR FUN at Living Art Museum, Reykjavik. Iceland.  Co-operation of Icelandic and Skandinavian artists.  35mm neg. . Colorprint.  A picture of a picture of John Travolta as seen in the artwork for "Polydistortion", the first GusGus album.

2000 - "SÉRHÆFING/ASSHOLE OF ICELAND" - LOSTI 2000/ORGASM 2000 at Listasafn Akureyrar, Akureyri, Iceland. 35mm neg. Colorprint.  Picture of the "asshole of Iceland".  Icelandic artists covering pornography.

"WEEKEND DADDYS" - OCCURENCE at Sputnik, Hverfisgata, Reykjavik. Iceland.  Co-operation of ten icelandic artists and Scandinavian designers. 6x7cm neg. Colorprint. With Einar Örn Benediktsson.  

"MILLENNIUM KISS" - SOVEREIGNITY at Gerdarsafn, Kópavogur, Iceland.  35mm neg. Colorprints.  French kissing btw. 15sek to midnight 1999 until 15 sek after midnight 2000.

2003 - "BMX" - SEASONS OF ICELANDIC PHOTOGRAPHY at Kjarvalsstadir, Reykjavik.  6x7cm neg. Colorprint of a Bmx bike.


Selected Videoworks (cinematography):

1995 - "NAUTN" 16min, Super 8mm film. 

1996 - "POLYESTERDAY THE MOVIE" 6:22min, Super 8mm film. 

1997 - "BELIEVE" 4:17min, Super16 mm film.

"REMEMBERANCE" 5:29min, 35mm photoanimation. 

1998 - "BARRY" 3:50min, Super16 mm film.

1999 - "DOMINIQUE" 5:21min, 35mm photo animation.

"LADYSHAVE" 3:49min, Super16 mm film.

"STARLOVERS" 3:30min, Super16 mm film.


Selected Film-Documentary works:

2004 - "GRÍNLAND" dv video, documentary about a clown school in Greenland with Sindri Pall Kjartansson and Halfdan Petersen


Selected Videoworks (Art direction, direction and/or cinematography):

2002 - "ATTENTION" 5:00min, dv. 

"DANCE YOU DOWN" 3:30min, dv. 

2003 - "DAVID" 3:09min, digibeta with Arni Sveinsson. 

"DESIRE" 3:42min, dv. 

2004 - "CALL OF THE WILD" 3:44min, Digibeta, with Arni Sveinsson.

2007 - 2014

“GUSGUS” video work for 24/7 - Arabian Horse (w/Paul Mcmenamin) and Mexico(w/Karlsson & Wilker)

2015 - “SERENGETI” with Snorri Bros


Selected Photography/Art direction:

1996 - "POLYDISTORTION" album photography with Vaughan Oliver at V23 and Orri Jonsson.

1999 - "THIS IS NORMAL" album photography with Chris Bigg at V23.

2000 - "GUS GUS vs T-WORLD" album photography.

2002 - "ATTENTION" album photography, videos and co-design with Paul Mcmenamin at Spine and Hrafnkell Sigurdsson.

"ATTENTION" live-visuals carpenterie and concept.


"PINEAPPLERECORDS" recordlabel/web/poster/concert- design with Linda Loeskow

"BANANANANAS" All design for the Bananananas artport with Harry Johannson and Linda Loeskow

2006-2007 - "GUSGUS": Forever album, visuals and concept with Linda Loeskow and GusGus

2007 - 2014

“GUSGUS” design for 24/7 - Arabian Horse (w/Paul Mcmenamin) and Mexico(with Hjalti Karlsson aka Karlsson & Wilker)

2015 - “SERENGETI” with Paul McMenamin

2018 - "Execution", "Shed Your Skin", "Quadrantes" with Paul Mcmenamin


2012 - Mt. Kilimanjaro

2014 - Mt. Elbrus (Northside on Splitboard)

2015 - Mt. Ararat (Splitboard)

2002 - 2010 Mountain guide at Fjallabak, Iceland

2014 - 2018 “Trússari” at Fjallabak

1979 - 2018 Countless trips all around Iceland, France, Spain. Hiking, Crosscountry ski-ing, Splitboarding.