20 years of gusgus photography


President Bongo is now full on working on a photography book of his visual work for gusgus the last 20 years.  To his assistant is the un-official gusgus member Paul Mcmenamin, the designer for Attention and Arabian Horse albums.

Phonique - Feel what you want

and again President Bongo is delivering a remix.  This time around a "Gluteus Maximus remix" of Phonique's superhit "Feel what you want".  More on this very soon... 

Marc Romboy - Iceland

President Bongo just delivered a "gusgus remix" of Marc Romboy's track Iceland. Release date and info coming soon...


PB had a little chat with ILO about his music and we are aiming for a release!

RB team

Blog & the vinyl

Dear  listeners.

This is going to be the blog.

First of all I want to adress these first radio words to the people who signed up for Radio Bongo on vinyl.  I apologise for the silence but rest assure this is not forgotten.

I will write you soon.  It's on the list now. 

Radio Bongo has a plan.

Yours forever;

President Bongo