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by Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason

Les Aventures de President Bongo


ARTIST: Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason

LP: Château


LES AVENTURES DE PRESIDENT BONGO. Named and shaped in loving tribute to Tintin, the fabled Belgian journalist who defined what it meant to be an adventurer in the 20th century.


O you singer, solitary, singing by yourself—projecting me;
O solitary me, listening—nevermore shall I cease perpetuating you;
Never more shall I escape, never more the reverberations,
Never more the cries of unsatisfied love be absent from me,
Never again leave me to be the peaceful child I was before what there, in the night,
By the sea, under the yellow and sagging moon,
The messenger there arous’d—the fire, the sweet hell within,
The unknown want, the destiny of me.

O give me the clew! (it lurks in the night here somewhere,)

O if I am to have so much, let me have more!


Produced by President Bongo

LAPB executive producer Andri Sveinsson

Written by Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason & Stephan Stephensen.

Design by Paul Mcmenamin

Photography by Stephan Stephensen

LAPB silhouette by Gabríel Patay & Linda Loeskow

Mastered by Jörg Burger

Mixed by President Bongo

Violin, Viola and Cello by Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason

Additional drum programming by President Bongo

Château text by Walt Whitman (Leaves of Grass)

LAPB text by Haukur S. Magnússon

  • 10:54
    Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason
  • 5:20
    Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason
  • 2:37
    Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason
  • 11:05
    Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason
  • 1:49
    Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason