DJ MARGEIR - Sacrifices on the Sonic Altar

DJ Margeir is the Golden Calf making sacrifices on the sonic altar for the lost hordes. His infamy is forged from ironclad production, blistering DJ sets and a twisted sense of humour that keeps his disciples coming back religiously. 

Margeir is one half of Gluteus Maximus and a founding father of Radio Bongo, from the mighty Kompakt stable - alongside friend and collaborator President Bongo. 

As a club DJ, Margeir has circled the globe laying down the gospel since the early ‘90. DJ Margeir and his Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Samuel Samuelsson and featuring members of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, takes audiences on an aural adventure they’re not likely to forget.

Margeir’s Blue Lagoon baptisms are legendary, his water-borne party sets ferrying crowds to an otherworldly land of musical plenty. The first of his acclaimed Blue Lagoon Soundtracks went gold. The highly anticipated third chapter will be released in May 2014.



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Dj Margeir Portrait b/w
Dj Margeir on the Sonic Altar

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Technical rider:
3 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 (usb)
DJ Mixer: E&S DJR 400, Allen&Heath Xone92 or Pioneer DJM 800, 900 or 2000
Monitors + Sub

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Water with gas
Clean Towel
Fresh fruits
Dark chocolate (85%)