Arsenal of rotating musical mass


Gluteus Maximus is Iceland's President Bongo and DJ Margeir.

Masterminds of the Reykjavik-based events company Jón Jónsson, these dysfunctional digital artists have jockeyed their disks all over the planet, playing everywhere from Pacha to The End, armed with a combined remix list verging on the offensive - Björk, Trentmøller, Sigur Rós, Captain Comatose, Prins Póló and Kasper Björke to name but a few.

Their original hit single “Everlasting”, featuring the magnificent vocals of Högni Egilsson, heralded the birth of their own label, Radio Bongo. Both at home and abroad Margeir and The President are a supernatural institution.

They’re an arsenal of rotating musical mass with a live freak show that shouldn’t be missed.



„However, as with most small, new festivals there are plenty of unexpected treats. A live set from Gluteus Maximus, a duo made up of DJ Margeir and President Bongo, of GusGus, is what I thought Thugfucker would look and sound like. There are two people in Satanic hoods lifting weights at either side of the stage as strobe lights flicker. John Grant, who lives in the city and is about to release his wonderful new album Pale Green Ghosts, pops onstage for a quick guest spot. A man growls “I wanna go down on you” ominously, while sporting what looks suspiciously like a leather cap. It’s all gone a bit sexklub.“
— The Guardian
„... in a room that had already hosted Gluteus Maximus, who had several thousand Icelanders eating out of the palm of their hands as they moved though their repertoire of maximalist techno, complete with weightlifters mingling on stage.“
— Resident Advisor
„Here, under a blazing sky, Icelandic lunatics Gluteus Maximus are sending an already packed SonarVillage stage crowd potty. It’s 25 degrees in the shade, yet the bare flesh all around us does not care one jot, stopping by for a dance before disappearing off elsewhere. It’s an energy that doesn’t let up for the rest of the weekend, as we head off down into the spiral.“
— The Quietus
„ ... the nights biggest spectacle... and the glamour with which its pulled off is why I will forever tell people this band are amazing.“
The Bad: „The realisation upon leaving that I am not a member of Gluteus Maximus.“
— Grapevine